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School Readiness Assessment

Education must be accessible, and all community members should be able to benefit from high quality education. Education Gate International School – Al Rawdah operates a fair and transparent admissions process, with applicants to the school being accepted without selection based upon academic achievement or potential, ethnicity, religion, gender or any other possible form of discrimination. BIS adheres to age-appropriate admissions according to the Saudi Ministry of Education regulations. All required documentation must be received before the child is accepted.

At the admissions stage, children are assessed on their readiness to start learning at Education Gate International School – Al Rawdah. As a US curriculum school that delivers programs of study in English (with the exception of our core Arabic and Islamic subjects), students are expected to have an understanding of English in line with the age expectation for a non-native speaker.  We will provide support and resource materials for language development during lessons and for enrichment at home and expect our parents to support their child wherever possible in developing both written and spoken English.

The readiness assessment will also provide us with key information in relation to your child’s ability to socialize with children and adults and the way they interact with their surroundings.  Young learners will experience challenges but we are here to support that with your help.