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Student Council

Our school is proud to support a Student Council which is a representative structure for students only through which they work in partnership with school management and staff for the benefit of the school and its students.

The Student Council consists of the School President, Vice President, Secretary and class representatives from all classes grade 4 and up. The SC meets every week to discuss their concerns and to plan for activities.

By establishing and running their own associations, students learn to set realistic, attainable goals, elect suitable representatives, delegate duties, manage meetings, and execute tasks responsibly. They learn team building, public speaking, and effective communication skills and how to use the resources available to them in the best possible manner. Student leaders are supervised by their Student Council Advisor in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

Joumana Mohammad

Grades : 6-B

Fatima Naji Shaker

Grades : 6-B

Abdul Rahaman

Grades : 11-A

Jood Nedhal

Grades : 12-D

Rashid Khaled

Grades : 8-A

Rawan Husain

Grades : 9-D