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Our Educational Program

Reflecting our commitment to meeting the needs of all students, the core courses are aligned to the Common Core State Standards of the American curriculum. The use of projectors, hands-on activities, cooperative learning are incorporated in lessons across all grades and subjects. French and Arabic are offered as second language courses from basic through advanced levels.

Students who are below grade level in Arabic are offered Special Arabic classes – where they are given instruction in accordance with their learning needs. Besides English language arts, science and math, a variety of other subjects are offered as well – art, physical education, social studies, computer, French, Islamic Studies, and Saudi Arabian History and Culture (Derasat).

The school year is divided into 3 semesters of 13 weeks each. We have pop quizzes as well as scheduled tests to assess our students’ progress as well as end-of-quarter exams in all subjects. For English, there are quizzes in reading/literature, grammar, writing, and spelling/vocabulary. Apart from these, grades 1 to 5 also have dictation in English, Arabic and French.

Class Rank and Grading Scale

Subject Curriculum
English CCSS
Science NGSS
Arabic Saudi MoE* curriculum
Islamic Studies Saudi MoE* curriculum
Saudi History Saudi MoE* curriculum
French & Computer Local Publisher
Social Studies (gr 1 to 7) Local Publisher
Social Studies (gr 8 & 9) CCSS