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Welcome to Education Gate International School –
Al Rawdah,

It is my pleasure to share with you our vision for the school and how we aim to ensure that all students are safe, happy, and successful.

At Education Gate International School – Al Rawdah, we are here not only to impart knowledge acquired through our studies and continuous professional development, but to educate children and young adults who will become future leaders.We are committed to providing a stimulating, safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to high levels of learning.

We have a team of passionate, well-qualified teachers and support staff who share a clear vision that builds on the Britus mission and our belief in learning without limits. We want all of our students to achieve the best possible academic outcomes but also to grow as valuable members of our learning community. Our team is committed to maintain positive relationships between students and all stakeholders across the school.

EGISR is a professional learning community united in the belief that all students can reach their full potential. We encourage students to learn through innovative ways that utilize the most recent developments in learning technologies to support interactive and dynamic learning experiences.

As a community of learners, we will work together to prepare our students for tomorrow’s world through a holistic and stimulating curriculum, challenging our students with high expectations, providing them with exciting and engaging learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. An exceptional education is, at its core, built on relationships.

I hope that this website encourages you to find out more about our community and I look forward to welcoming you to the school.