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Tuition Fees

Fee Structure:

Particulars Fee Breakdown (Amounts in SAR)
Grades To be paid before Pre-School KG Lower School Grade 1-3 Lower School Grade 4-6 Middle School Grade 7-9
Tuition fees (Excluding VAT)*
Annual fee** 13,000 14,350 15,380 17,430
Payment schedule:
Registration fee SAR 1,000 for all grades and deducted from the first installment
Term-1 1st Sep 5,200 5,740 6,152 6,972
Term-2 1st Dec 3,900 4,305 4,614 5,229
Term-3 1st Mar 3,900 4,305 4,614 5,229
Uniform (including VAT)*** 400 All other grades SAR 550
Books Provided by a third-party supplier

* VAT will be applied as per the rules and regulation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

** Sibling discount is available for the third and subsequent child of SAR 500

*** Uniform includes 2 sets of school uniforms and 1 PE uniform, with 50% discount on the uniform from the 3rd child onwards.